KLAX-KSFO group flight! @ KLAX - 071900ZMAY20

  • Aircraft and Livery: CRJ-200

  • Route: KLAX-KSFO

  • Time of Departure: may 7th, 6:00PM GMT (uk time)

  • Server: casual/training

  • Additional Information: this event shall happen in casual server and training server. It shall not happen in expert server. Sorry for any inconvenience caused with not flying in expert.

i dont have premium :(

Hey. Please make sure you follow all of the rules, including the title. Please also specify what time zone 6pm is referring to, for clarification purposes.


Noo sorry to hear :(

Ok i will edit now

Adding on to @Thunderbolt I see that this event is on May 7th. Group flights can only take place 3 hours before they are posted. Once you reach TL2 you can post this far in advance, or you can change the time to today or just post later. Check out this topic regarding a Trust levels:

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Oh. That is not possible. I will have to close this

Don’t worry, I have flagged it for you and a mod should be along to close it shortly. Sorry about this. 😐

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Its ok. I’ll post this closer to the time :)

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