Klax - ksfo (American 738)

Callsign: American 3258
Aircraft: 738
Flight time: 00: 53
Landing: 😭
Good luck to everyone during the MAX vs NEO event, may the 737 win! ( I am aware that it was night at the time, but you can’t see anything, so here we are in daytime.)

Here we have us waiting in single file waiting to takeoff from 25R. Mix of A320’s and 737’s.

The Westjet pilots have had a long day, somebody get them help.

Wide shot of takeoff, was around 140 knots. - Where did everybody else go?

Here I’m cruising at FL240, over… not sure. Hey, at least it looks alright.

Coming in to 28R with an unstable approach, I managed to be a few hundred feet to high. We’re going to have some happy passengers after that hard touchdown. (Around -330 FPM). Can somebody tell me where everybody’s gears go?

Thanks for looking at these photos, please give feedback as I can get more angles for you. As always, fly the 737!!


Hey!! I Was Flying That Frontier A320 😂❤️


Nice seeing you at SFO!

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Ok that’s kinda funny seeing the same picture but from another POV

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It is for sure :)

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