KLAX-KSAN|Flying With New Boeing 737

Flying with United 2019 Livery
I LOVE this livery so much!It is beautiful!Come & See!

Flying Details

So there are some beautiful pics,hope you can enjoy it.

Parking at the gate

Take off at rwy 25R

Sun rise

On the cruise alt

Desend and turn to the final of RWY 27

Long Landing & GO AROUND!

Second Landing on RWY27

Parking at the gate of KSAN

Don‘t GO!

Hey!I want to build a website,about IF amazing pics!COMING SOON!


Wayyyyyyyyy too early gear up😅

Nice screenshots too


great screenshots, 737 in the new united livery was a great choice!!!

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Very good screenshots 👌

Did you touch down before you went around? Just curious.

Never happened to me ;) (or did it…) :)

Cool pictures of the nice new UA livery! Thanks for sharing!

This one photo gets me!!! Looks so real

Nice photos!

Picture #2 is my fav

I was about to say that as well


Thank you!

I didn’t…