KLAX - KSAN – Airbus A-380 Event (@ KLAX, July 31, 1930 Zulu)

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California
Airport: *KLax to ksan

Time:1:30 Idaho 12:30 California New York 3:30 Dallas park at parking gate AACOMPUTER, then I will wait and I will be the first one to taxi to runway 25r, my call sign is delta 505. I will be the first one to land and take off. Comment if coming! And ur call sign

Could you put the time in zulu for all the users that don’t live in the US! :)

is it today? if so: ill be there

Callsign: Swiss 9 2

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Yes it is today. Idk and I will chqnge my call sign then

My call sign is emirates 505

Qantas 007 heavy

coming now


Is it still going?

Updated title (might be too late but better late than never right)

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SWR92 is a real flight (ZRH-GRU) :)

A380s don’t use KSAN because it doesn’t have a gate capable for handling one and the runway is too short for an aborted take off at full weight

If you want to be realistically accurate , KSAN does not yet have the required infrastructure to handle the A380 yet anyway…only seven U.S airports do at the time of this article…
check out this link…

BTW…and FYI…the busiest airport in the world …is now purported to be DUBAI…due primarily to A380 traffic…

Edit: Never mind. Not worth noting

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Oh, thanks for telling me. There’s no point of one being there anyway, because it is not very major. But if there was it wouldn’t be cost efficient for the company, because it would have to have a reasonably small payload for the short runways at KSAN.

I think it would be a useful feature to deny A380 access to KSAN and other airports, such as 75% standing ones as well. The largest plane I’ve seen there is a DC-10, but I’m from the United Kingdom so I don’t really know much about American airspaces.

Thanks for the link

I went to your link data…intriguing…however it does not specify A380 traffic…might be more helpful if you could isolate that…jat

Nopr…will send you a link exclusively for KSAN operations and traffic…when I can locate it…

Maybe so…but it would still be interesting to compare it …if has made Dubai …the world’s busiest airport…jant