「KLAX-KPHX」Sunset flight United 738 new livery

I don’t have any ideas where to fly so I use GOOGLE EARTH I’m feeling lucky button to pick two place from the world, and it choose Los Angeles and Phoenix.

This is my first post, you can tell me what can I do better in the comment area.

Time: 2020-06-27 T01:45:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: KLAX KPHX
Callsign: United 3905

Flight report

Enjoy the photos :)

Taking of at runway 25R KLAX

Coast of Los Angeles

738 with the blue sky

Flying over a mountain range

Turning final on runway 26

**Cockpit view of rw26 **

Touch down!


That’s all

Thank you watching!


Hey, these are some good pictures but some of them are against the rules of The Screenshots & Videos Categories. The specific one is this one:

  • Please only post your best photos, making sure all HUD views, sidebars and display names, boxes are hidden

To take your pictures please go to your replay > find the moment you want > click on the camera icon. That takes perfect pictures.

If not changed this topic will be closed under the rules

Hope this helps!


Know That

I‘ll tell him, Thanks for warning!

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Nice photos - interesting how in your flight report how it says your cruise altitude was 41500ft but looking at your individual waypoints alts you cruised at 26000ft.

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May Be it’s a bug.
You know,bugs everywhere!
You can see mine,we flew together.


You can see this,we flew together!

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And btw, if you don’t now where to fly:

Why don’t join a Virtual Airline :) You have available routes to fly etc, and everywhere route you fly counts as flight hours.

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I know,let me think……
What do you recommend?


Well, The ones you like will be the ones you enjoy 😉
Just a tip: Join one that has more routes / planes, so you don’t get bored. I would also recommend joining one where the grade req. is 3, so there are more professionals.

I am in United VA, and also really enjoy it there.

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Thanks,I‘ll join one then!

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You can check ifvarb.com/database.php for the whole list of VA/VOs!

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Thank you, I am working on it

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