KLAX - KDEN American Airlines Group Flight Screenshots

This group flight from Los Angeles to Denver was organized by @zion89, and was a very fun flight! The pilots included me, @zion89 @PilotA320, @SWA1997, and @plane_guy12. All of us were in the American Airlines 737-800
captions correspond to the photos above them

The group parked at the American Airlines Concourse at LAX

@PilotA320 taking off on runway 25 R, with the rest of us holding short

Myself lined up and waiting, with 2 DHL 77F’s on the cargo ramp

Gear up! @plane_guy12 lining up for departure

@plane_guy12 rolling down 25R, @zion89 holding short, and a Southwest Airlines 737-700 landing on 25L

Fast forward, on short final 16R at Denver

@plane_guy12 landing while I taxi to parking

The whole flight parked on the ramp


Holy jeez, thats a rare one.


Beautiful photos

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Nice photos.

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Thanks @zion89 and @PilotA320


Love the photos @Aviation108, your a great if photographer

Wow, thanks a lot @plane_guy12!

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