KLAX issue

Hello, i dont know if this is happening to anyone else, but the last 3 times i have flown to KLAX it hasnt loaded in. Ive tried restarting device, restarting the app, i also clear scenery cache after every flight as a rule. All other airports load with no issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Device : samsung s20fe


Here are some steps you can do to help reduce graphical/performance hiccups on IF

  1. Lower your graphics settings to ease pressure on your device due to graphics
  2. If anti-aliasing is on, turn it off, because anti-aliasing puts extra strain on your device.
  3. Turn aircraft count to a lower setting if set to high if at a busy or big airport (Like Atlanta)
  4. Set all other graphics settings like texture, rendering to medium.

Hope this helps :)


Further to the troubleshoots posted above by @ybtl.aviation, try toggling your 3D object density back and forth as well.

Also be aware that this is a known issue being looked at by the team. Apologies nonetheless.


Unless it’s been changed in the last update You cannot change the object density while in sim

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