KLAX is so busy

I was tower on pg and it was packed

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nothing new lel


It’s aways busy in SoCal playground

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I never ever go there on PG because it will lag me then the game would crash.


3 words. We need expansion


That will be worst…

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Same on Advanced right now.


If you have a weather/traffic/delay report you are more welcome to post on my “Infinite Flight Weather/Traffic” topic. Check it out!

Just how I like it! :)

There is too types of busy one is where it’s just enough to handle in KLAX however it’s busy all the time and it’s hard to control everything.


I like to run the tower for KLAX since I have four runways to use as opposed to KSAN with only one runway. I feel bad for pilots at KSAN since they have to wait forever if there is a lot of traffic coming in.

With KLAX I always designate two runways for take off and two for landing. What is difficult is there isn’t a way to easily tell planes to cross a runway and hold short of the runway I need them to use for take off. (This is really only a problem for planes in the cargo area. They want to use 25L when that is the one I use for landings. I have to tell them to exit the runway and cross 25L and hold short of 25R. Half the time they just sit there and keep requesting 25L and then they just take off anyways right when a plane lands on top of them… Super annoying)

If anyone on this forum uses KLAX when I’m running as a controller just know as a general rule of thumb unless there isn’t any plane landing runways 25L and 24R (and their counter parts) are used for landing and 25R and 24L are used for take off. This is primarily how KLAX in real life runs their runways as well.

Also is there a way to communicate with the ground controller? I would love to tell him or her to what runways are being used as active take off runways.


This doesn’t work as well on the playground server as people always go to which runaway they want, I remember when there used to be two tower frequencies it was a nightmare as you could both be giving different instructions

yea, happen to me a lot, i hate when it crash on final

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I’m very shocked how you just found out! :)

Yes… For a KLAX controller
It really…

(60/17= 3-4 sec for each plane… Just unable)

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Actually that’s about 5.

It’s KLAX, it will always be busy and full of new pilots.

Number 1 tip:

If you want to learn how to control. Never EVER control KLAX :)

Learnt it the hard way!

Good airports:


Oh well you got me there!

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