KLAX ILS 25 L missing from list of options

Anyone else not getting the ILS option for runway 25L ? All others show up as possible options except for 25L.


Comes up for me still.

It’s because it can’t fit

If that’s the case it does not fit. Then They should eliminate 25R or 24L since they are not usually used for parallel approaches at Lax.

Yeah that happens at some airports, annoying. You’d just have to leave it on auto.

I get it. Never had This issue.

and the list for the ILS, all runway, but not 25L, unable to scroll down

It depends on where you are! Not all ILS runways show up in the list. The list content changes depending on your location. The closest one will be on the top of the list.

File a flight plan with klax as destination. If you are approaching from that side is the airport it will show up.

Please search before posting.

Tried it 1nm away. It doesn’t show up.
On AUTO it will appear, but it does not show up in the list.