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Howdy, I work at LAX and the airport closes runways 25R, 25L, 24R at 12 am and reopens them at 6:30 am PST. During these hours traffic only departs off runway 25R and land runway 6R. It’d be cool if IFATC can replicate this during night operations at KLAX. I have no clue what subject this goes to.



I would say it goes under #atc. I think that would be really cool, and would bring realism to a whole new level. Side note, is your profile picture from the Breakfast Club?

Yea my profile pic is from the breakfast club.

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Hey mate,

I’ve certainly heard about these operations that KLAX operate with during night hours and many IFATC controllers have as well.

Whilst it would be realistic, it’s important to note that there is a possibility of causing mass confusion between ATC and pilots as well as separation issues between landing and departing aircraft as IFATC do not have anywhere near the same amount of available resources or commands than they do in the real world to run this effectively.

Operating like this could also cause delays, so it’s always best for IFATC to chose runways that all operate in the same or very similar direction, apart for special circumstances such as Aspen (KASE).

Hope this makes sense mate, and provides some clarity on why you don’t see IFATC operating this procedure more often.



Yeah, I agree that it would be very confusing. People on Infinite Flight are from across the globe, living in every timezone. I also know when I’m flying, I often don’t fly in the current live time of the area I’m flying in. It wouldn’t necessarily be hard, but more confusing, to replicate these operations

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Hopefully ATC and pilots can transition towards these operations sooner to create more realism. It isn’t as busy at night at KLAX but there certainly is traffic mostly cargo.

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I think having a ATIS updated frequently for high traffic airports could help with the confusion.

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Even though traffic typically downgrades after certain hours, all runways should remain an option for flexibility for controllers & pilots.

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