KLAX Ground Tower Open (TS1)

I am now controlling at KLAX on the TS1 server. Runways 24L and 25R are for departure and 24R and 25L are arrivals. Please do not request any other runway. Enjoy!


This is a terrible choice stop controlling while you can! You will go crazy!


All I got to say is Good Luck! Sorry I am not able to make it! I just don’t like flying at KLAX TS1…


Runway Switch: 06R and 07L are for takeoff and 06L and 07R are landings.

Ok, I had a pretty good session, but I have a few comments. I was only able to control Ground because (TWICE) other controls beat me to the tower control. However I was still monitoring the tower as I was controlling Ground and I noticed two things:

1). First, during my controlling, a runway change occurred. The active runways changed from 24L/R and 25L/R to Runways 06L/R and 07L/R. During this change, there were several aircraft lined up for takeoff on Runway 25R. Instead of telling the aircrafts to back taxi via the runway and then contact Ground for taxi clearance, the Tower controller confined to let aircraft take-off from not only this runway, but all four closed runways! Even though I was trying to direct all other aircraft to the open runways, tower was telling them otherwise!

2). Another thing that myself and many other people have noticed is that aircraft NEED TO FOLLOW ATC INSTRUCTIONS. No matter how stupid they may be, ATC is guiding your aircraft to safety. For example, I was in an ANA 777-200ER and was heading 330 and was told to turn to 170, and basically ended up flying in the opposite direction and had to make a 360 turn to get back on course. But I still FOLLOWED THE INSTRUCTIONS. When I say “Taxi to 07L” even though you have asked to taxi to 07R, it’s for a reason! Do not then taxi to 07R and then takeoff from that runway! I like to create an organized takeoff/landing system to make all aircraft safe!

I hope pilots understand my ATC troubles after reading this…

You are a brave soul for controlling KLAX on TS1.

Haha, thanks. I know, it can be a MESS, especially when one NOBODY follows the ATC instructions.

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That’s why I don’t have live. So I don’t have to deal with people who don’t follow instruction.😀

I can’t wait until I get enough XP for Advanced…

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If only there was like a test so you could skip TS1.

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If your goal is to improve your ATC skils, don’t go on KLAX, and don’t listen ATC on KLAX TS1, in 95% they don’t know what thay are doing, and you will not learn how to control properly.

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The runway change doesn’t have to happen instantaneously because runway colors change.

If they switched from one to the other, it wasn’t a heading change in the wind from 250 to 070, I feel fairly safe in saying. If there’s a crosswind, and it goes from 080 from one runway to 80 degrees from another, you don’t instantly have everyone backtaxi because the colors changed.

Colors aren’t Gospel.

You can effect a runway change much more efficiently by just having the guys at the (newly) “wrong” end of the runway takeoff than by sending them down to the other side. And I sure as anything wouldn’t be backtaxiing every one of them down the 2 plus miles of runway at KLAX. [And let’s be honest, on TS if you tell them to backtaxi, 98 percent are taking off instead anyway.]


Also no reason why you couldn’t send aircraft on the far west side of the airport to 25L.

Got my east confused with west😂

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Next time try somewhere in Oshkosh or Seattle, Sydney regions. Much more cleaner and you can identify the community members that are coming.

Unfortunately, 99% of the pilots aren’t in here. But you are really brave to control the traffic madness ;)


Madness is an understatement.

Essentially, it is the equivalent of controlling EGBB ground, tower, and approach all at the same time on expert during the FNF.


Buuut you also cant control at all

Remember, when reach grade 3 and get to expert that doesn’t mean you can control on it. You need to become an IFATC to control on expert. For ATC practice, generally speaking open up any region except SoCal;or join a group like IFTSATC to open as a group

Yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking when I said backtaxi, you don’t really see that at KLAX. The tower controller should of just handed them of to ground (me) to tell them where to taxi.

Ooh, that must’ve been tough…