KLAX Fly-out: The Hollywood Flight of Fame

Welcome to the Los Angeles, the crown jewel of Southern California! Known for its entertainment, beaches, and cultural diversity. Los Angeles welcomes visitors from around the world with its endless array of attractions and experiences.

Step into the heart of Hollywood, where dreams are made and stars are born. Take a stroll down the iconic Walk of Fame, where the names of legendary entertainers are immortalized in shimmering stars beneath your feet. Don’t forget to snap a selfie in front of the world-famous Hollywood Sign, perched high above the city, offering breathtaking views of the sprawling metropolis below.

Let me know if you would like to join and reply below with a gate assignment request!

Hosted by @sky

Server: Expert

Airport: Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX)

Time: 2024-04-21T19:00:00Z2024-04-21T21:00:00Z

Please spawn in 15 minutes before event time to file your flight plan.

Terminal B - Tom Bradley International
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
130 British Airways London A380 @Cpt-Lucc4
131 Finnair Helsinki A350
132 ANA Tokyo B789 @AnotherPilot77
133 Air New Zealand Auckland B777
134 Korean Air Seoul A380 @abaero123
135 /
137 Aeromexico Mexico City E190 @pablo0109
139 Aeromexico Mexico City E190 @C4RLOS_G
141 Aeromexico Mexico City E190 @737aviation06
148 British Airways Hong Kong via London A380 @kormexo
150 Reserved
151 Aeromexico Mexico City B738 @bleu
152 Emirates Dubai A380 @MANDELA
153 Qatar Airways Doha A359
154 Singapore Airlines Singapore A359
155 Norse Atlantic London Gatwick B787 @Ben_Walsh
156 Cathay Pacific Hong Kong A359 @avgeeks_place
157 Volaris Mazatlan via Silao A319 @NvAviator
159 British Airways London B777 @MPH258
Midfield Satellite Terminal
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
201 Breeze A220 Charleston
202 Fiji Airways A359 Nadi
203 Air China B777 Beijing
204 KLM B787 Amsterdam
205 Sun Country B738 Minneapolis @Mort
206 Air Tahiti Nui B787 Papeete
207 Philippine Airlines B777 Manila @Notcooking
208 Air France B777 Paris @Clement_Noel
209 Allegiant A320 Medford
210 Volaris A319 Guadalajara
Terminal 1
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
09 Southwest Airlines Dallas B738 @SouthwestVirtual
11A Southwest Airlines Las Vegas B738 @SouthwestVirtual
11B Southwest Airlines San Francisco B738 @SouthwestVirtual
12A Southwest Airlines Salt Lake City B737 @SouthwestVirtual
12B Southwest Airlines Denver B737 @SouthwestVirtual
13 Southwest Airlines Oakland B737 @whyevenbothernaming
14 Southwest Airlines Chicago B738
15 Southwest Airlines Boise B737 @RagonDragon
16 Southwest Airlines Phoenix B738 @Javery_Mclean
17A Southwest Airlines Nashville B738
17B Southwest Airlines TBD TBD
18A Southwest Airlines TBD TBD
18B Southwest Airlines TBD TBD
Terminal 2
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
21 Delta Airlines New York B757
22 Delta Airlines Miami B738
23 Delta Airlines Honolulu A321
24 Delta Airlines Cincinnati B739 @deltaoutofdca
25 Delta Airlines Atlanta A359 @cedricflys
26 Delta Airlines Seattle A321 @orderly_whey13
27 Delta Airlines Newark B757
28 Delta Airlines Boston B757
Terminal 3
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
31 Delta Airlines Portland A319
33 Delta Airlines Orlando A321
35 Delta Airlines Portland B738
37 Delta Airlines Reno E175
Terminal 4
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
40 American Airlines Honolulu A321
41 American Airlines Philadelphia B777
42A American Airlines New York A321
42B American Airlines Washington D.C. A321
43 American Airlines Miami B777 @Prestoni
45 American Airlines Boston via Dallas B738
46A American Airlines San Francisco E175
46B American Airlines Denver E175
47A American Airlines Chicago via St. Louis B738 @YAWspeed
47B American Airlines Dallas A321 @75juke
48A American Airlines Phoenix B738
48B American Airlines Boston A321
49A American Airlines Nashville A321
49B American Airlines Miami via Dallas A321
Terminal 5
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
50 JetBlue Newark A320
53B Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale A320
54A JetBlue Orlando A320
54B JetBlue New Orleans via Fort Lauderdale A320
55A Spirit Airlines Memphis A320
56A Spirit Airlines Orlando via Dallas A320 @Generic_Flyer
56B Spirit Airlines Pittsburg A320
56C Spirit Airlines Newark A320
57 JetBlue Las Vegas E190 @Justin_Betances
58 JetBlue San Francisco A320
59 JetBlue Boston via Detroit E190
Terminal 6
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
60 Alaska Airlines Seattle B739
61 Alaska Airlines Anchorage B739
62 Alaska Airlines Minneapolis via Seattle B739
64 Alaska Airlines Newark B739
65A Alaska Airlines Maui via San Francisco B739
65B Alaska Airlines Santa Rosa E175
65C Alaska Airlines San Francisco E175
66 Alaska Airlines New York B739
67 Air Canada Vancouver via San Francisco E175
68A Alaska Airlines Portland B739
68B Air Canada Toronto B787 @Swiss27
69A Air Canada Montréal A330
69B Air Canada Ottawa via Vancouver A321
Terminal 7
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
70A United Airlines San Francisco E175
70B United Airlines Denver B738 @Andy_Garrett
71A United Airlines Orlando B738 @UnitedVirtual
71B United Airlines New Orleans via Denver B738 @UnitedVirtual
72A United Airlines Chicago B757 @thatualavgeek
72B United Airlines Houston B757
73 United Airlines Newark B757 @UnitedVirtual
74 United Airlines Portland A320
75A United Airlines Springfield via Chicago B738 @UnitedVirtual
75B United Airlines Charlotte via Houston A320 @UnitedVirtual
76A United Airlines Oakland E175
76B United Airlines Las Vegas E175 @Generic_Flyer
77 United Airlines Honolulu B777 @UnitedVirtual
Terminal 8
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Imperial Cargo
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Apron 05 Cathay Pacific Cargo Portland Aircraft @OV-099

Frequency Controller
ATIS @safiyurrahman1
Ground @safiyurrahman1
Tower @safiyurrahman1
Approach -
Departure Controller needed
Center Controller needed

  • I am not responsible for any violations

  • Always listen to and follow ATC instructions

  • If ATC is not present, please use UNICOM correctly

  • Have fun!

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60 day rule. You can’t post events ahead of that line, unfortunately, so I’d suggest moving it back a little so it can fall under the rule above.

Anyways if you do push it back I’d like Terminal 1 Gate 13.

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Thanks for letting me know, I’ll move it back by a bit.😉

Of course!

Can I get any gate at T1, Sun Country to Minneapolis? Great event!

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absolutely! I’m looking forward to it!

Id love to help

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Perfect! Thanks a lot!

Can I take this one?


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Hey there! Just wanted to point a few things out about your gate assignments.

Air Canada does not operate out of the TBIT, they only operate from Terminal 6

Sun Country only operates from the TBIT Satellite

Thanks, I’ll move Sun Country to TBIT

I also noticed you don’t have an Satellite Terminal gates, if you’d like I can quickly make them for you. Some of the flights you have listed in the TBIT Terminal have now moved to the Satellite Terminal

That would be great! I’m still editing the gate assignment as I’m planning to add remote parking too.

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Great, I’ll dm them to you once finished

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Thanks a lot!

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Question. Why is your event 2 months long 😆

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But I’ll take this. It’s on a B739 too

Could SWVA sponsor?