KLAX Expert Server

Who is currently Controlling at KLAX on the Expert Server?

Goes by the name of Scott Dawson, is it @ScottDawson

I believe it is.

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Yes it was me, apologies it was all so very busy… Was keeping up as best as I could … Thanks for all with baring with me… You lot was awesome @planemadblog

Mate, why were you not using the 4 runways???


I was trying to keep 24L 24R for inbound, and 25R for outbound… My plan didn’t go exactly to plan… But you lot was awesome I encountered more traffic then anticipated I must admit.

Apologies chaps…but I’d like to think you got the ATC experience

you denied my entry for 24R…

Apologies @planemadblog wasnt intended. KLAX was getting crazy, Live flight is awsome

you then ignored my messages for ages… :( - close ground in future and ask another IFATC to take it on… thats what I have done now…

Noted, will do 👍🏼

Stand down sir! You are acting negatively. This aweso,e Scott controller explained what his purpose was and why he chose it that way. You need to follow directions. In real life (realism again right?) pilots would immediately respond with a wilco to whatever runway they were sent to. Please respect our controllers


KLAX Was crazy, I just finished a flight to San Diego from KLAX.


I am an Expert controller…

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