Klax-eham klm boeing 777

Last week I flew a KLM Boeing 777 from KLAX (Los Angeles) to EHAM (Amsterdam Schiphol). I did this flight a few times in real life.

  1. Server: Expert Server

  2. Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER

  3. Livery: KLM

  4. Cruise altitude: FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410

5 Cruise speed: MACH 0.84

  1. Flight time: 9 hours and 57 minutes

Preparing for the flight to Schiphol.

Taxiing to runway 25R

Positive rate: gear up!

Climbing for FL370

Cruising above Canada 🇨🇦

Approaching runway 27 at EHAM


At the gate!

What do you think about this pictures?


Ehhh you may want to settle the photos that didn’t load
Much better!

Also nice photos :)

Yes, changed that. Thanks!

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Very nice pics!

Thank you!

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My pleasure!