KLAX displacement of floodlight

Hi there,

Found a misplaced floodlight and structure at KLAX which disallows Class F aircraft to pass without merging through the light.

The yellow line indicates the direct path between the asphalt and end of the Linear marking for the apron. The structure and floodlights cross directly through this line, however in game it is much further down creating the collision to taxiing aircraft.

Appreciated if this able to be fixed, thanks. 🙃


I agree, I noticed this also

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Shouldn’t be there anymore. I passed this section with heavy aircrafts several times 👀. Just kidding, nice spotting.

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Still an issue.

Unfortunately support topics have a 3 day activity closure… if that could be removed for this topic or be forwarded onto 3D whoever needs to know, either would be greatly appreciated.

did you have seen the chart ADC and PDC from KLAX? have a special chart from LAX it’s talk about approved route taxis for A380 and B748

Will be fixed