KLAX Departure not showing up

I don’t know if this is a problem for others, but when I go to select controller positions in Training Server for KLAX, departure doesn’t show up as an option. Is this just me or does this happen to others?


This doesn’t happen for me. Is this a constant issue for you, or does it only happen every once in a while? Have you tried re-starting the app?

[edit: Never mind, it’s happening for me too. I never noticed this issue occuring during the weekend though. Strange…]

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I just checked with @DeerCrusher and can verify this.

We’ll have a look into it. Standby :)

@ValXp is aware and will have this on the list. A fix will be pushed during the next airport push to the servers. Thanks again for the report and your patience.


This should be fixed now with the new scenery update. Restart the app and Departure should be there.