KLAX bump glitch

Hey everyone! Was doing KLAX-OMDB right now and my plane basically got eaten by the ground. My plane nose dived into the ground, causing a crash on my 77W.

It was on taxiway C, terminal 7 (or C7), probably around gate 77.

All the help is appreciated :D


(I was not doing the realistic taxi to 25R, sorry about that LAX realism police)

Hey, try to Clear your scenery cache, maybe that’s the reason of this issue

Open Infinite Flight and go into Settings > tap where it says “Clear Scenery Cache” >Click “Clear Cache” and click “Yes”.

After completing these steps restart your app, and everything should be working perfectly

Thanks for the advice! I clear my cache contanstly, something like a week yes a week no and this never happened to me before, I’ll try the scenery cache again. I’ll come back here soon :)

yeah, unfortunately still able to reproduce it, thanks for it anyway!

^ Follow this and let me know if you can still reproduce


Just reinstalled IF, will see if both methods work

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Well, it worked out! No issues on C anymore, thanks for it, probably the reinstall helped. Thanks for the attention everyone!

Sorry for not reading that part of the manual Balloon :/

Jack’s spidey senses could tell that some files were corrupt.

Glad to see you are all good now. Nice work team! 😎