Klax.aviation ATC Tracking Thread Closed

Hello IFC! I’m here to ask ANYONE if they are open to help me train for upcoming IFATC exams. I’m willing to take help from anybody! I’m open to anyways, wether it’s from voice chat on discord, or just simple text instructions! I’m looking forward to anyone who can help me out! Feel free to PM and for further information! I’m trying to keep the instructors preferably approved by IFATC!

Hello, if this is your tracking thread, this needs to be put in #atc . Even if your talking about it. Friendly reminder :)… Just make sure to also let us know what airport is closed or open so we can attend. Ill be able to make it.


Sorry about that! And what exactly do you mean by which airport is close/open. Do you mean which airports I’m operating?

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Yes, whether it be the airport that is closed or open. :)

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@Klax.aviation Aswell as this thread to help you, you can always contact an approved IFATC trainer here:


I’d recommend changing your title too
So it should look something like:

Klax.aviation’s ATC tracking thread [Open/Closed @ (insert airport here)]

When you open an airport, simply change the title to open and put the airport and I’m sure some people will come to see your ATC ability/give feedback
Good luck 🙂

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