KLAX ATC, Well Done!

I just want to thank everyone who made VGVA’s LAX flyout event possible! The turnout of the event greatly exceeded my wildest expectations, I have never hosted an event anywhere near this large. And I couldn’t have done it without the help of these people:

All the event mods:
Virgin Atlantic: @Knellered
Virgin Australia: @Robert_Thomas1
Virgin America: (me)

IFATC controllers:
Ground: @PilotA320
Tower: @USA_ATC
Tower: @ZachN
Approach: @Capt_Evan
Approach: @NJ24

Everyone who attended
Too many to count

And also I want to thank @Tyler_Shelton for deciding to feature the event of the ATC schedule, I doubt it would’ve gotten anywhere near as large as it did without having it on the ATC schedule. Me, VGVA, and everyone who attended sends a huge thanks to you!

Thankyou everyone!


Thanks for coming! Truly amazing to see so much traffic! Also thanks pilots for you cooperation for the busy traffic there today with the long wait times.

I really enjoyed it!

Could not have done it without my partners in crime @PilotA320 @ZachN @Capt_Evan and @NJ24.


Three topics thanking ATC today😍. From me (who controlled tower earlier today) and everyone else, thank you!


It was a great session with busy traffic thanks for coming!

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YES… Thank you to all ATC controllers today. Amazing job!


Cheers to a awesome event! 🍻Couldn’t of done it without the awesome controllers tagged above! (Especially Blake, well done tag teaming tower!)


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