KLAX ATC Opening

Will KLAX be open on expert this monday? there are 46 inbounds?

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Nope, it won’t. IFATC will get to choose between any airport in New Zealand or Hawaii.


It will not. Hawaii and New Zealand will be open. My personal 2 favorite regions in the world. But, KLAX is a big hub serving those two destinations. Possibly why it has many arrivals/departures.

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KLAX is known to always have a higher amount of inbounds. Plus, it was recently opened for today’s ATC Schedule.

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It is open now and has been all day probably why there is a lot of arrivals.

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It was on Sunday’s schedule but not today’s - just to clear things up.

Be careful at KLAX on ES… I was cleared to land on 25L by IFATC while POTUS was apparently allowed to land (and taxi to ramp) directly in front of me on 7R. 🙄


Well IFATC is no longer there as KLAX is not on the schedule today.

Hi there I was the controller, for some reason the 747 did not show up on the map until he touched down and exited. That’s when I noticed how he even got there in the first place. Sorry for the inconvience. He was reported immediately after :)


That crazy president… ;)


I guess KLAX is not in ATC schedule these days

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It was on the schedule yesterday.

sadly not. Currently only 40 inbound to SCEL if KLAX was open it would be 140 inbounds even 7 hours before the coverage change


Might want to check again…because LAX is not featured this week.


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