KLAX ATC Annoyances And Tips To Deal/Help ATC!

Hey all,
I just finished an ATC session on training (doing the test for expert) and this is what I had to deal with as KLAX TWR! Suggestions for newer (grade 1 - 2 pilots) below˅

So for context, there was someone landing on RWY 25R, he entered the RWY without permission, untuned frequency and landed. I was such annoyed and confused until I realised that they had 2037 violations! I’ve never seen so many!

This is another photo of someone who just took off and clearly didn’t know what transition meant (I understand, I’ve been there before myself).


  • Please follow ATC instructions, they may be annoying at times but trust us, we have everyone’s best interests at heart.

  • Transition means to fly in a controlled airports airspace, you must request permission to fly through airspace (not landing in or taking off from).

  • Please don’t depart, do a 360 and decide you want to land on the other end of the RWY, that’s not how ATC and RWYs work, please do a full circuit as you would normally for flight training (if you do flight training).

  1. Finally, if you don’t want to listen to ATC then great news! There’s a server called causal, try it out instead of annoying us training to control you being an *****!
    Thanks a lot for everyone’s cooperation and feel free to send me constructive feedback to help to become the best ATC possible!

Unfortunately not everyone on Training Server understands how to communicate/play in Infinite Flight. There are so many stories about pilots who are ignoring and not following ATC instructions and you can’t do anything to report them.

When you are flying on Expert Server you can see the main difference between pilots and experts 😉. You should forget about Training Server pilots and continue prepare for your IFATC career.


Ah yes, the KLAX airport on training server. Theres a couple things I see that always happen. The first thing is usually for every ten pilots, theres at least one troll, but there are also nine pilots who are trying to learn. I’m speaking from experience because before joining a VA, I was that pilot trying to learn in KLAX training server because at the time I thought busy airports were the best places to learn my skills in. I was quickly mistaken. Whenever I tried controlling ATC there, mostly everyone followed instructions. I just did my best with those who don’t.
I definitely get that you’re frustrated, but when you continue to study hard for the test and practice, you’ll find that the expert server has way less trolls. I don’t even think I’ve run into one yet, and I’ve been on the expert server for six months (Started playing Infinite Flight in July 2018). You offered some great tips though, and I think you’re well on your way. Just keep practicing and you’ll get there :)


Unfortunately, you can’t do anything about Training Server because there are trolls or they are learning. Most of them don’t have IFC account and see this.

I know your pain when controlling on TS. I suggested to make a tracking thread and do less popular airport and some IFC will fly pattern for better experience. Good luck with your test.


I find this as a problem, but sometimes when I fly on training which is like 10% of the time. 90% i am on casual or expert. But I sometimes get controllers who just lead me in the wrong direction, I usually just proceed with my flight plan and try not to interfere with other planes. That rarely happens. On expert I don’t have any issues, it is great only training is where it happens.

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Just saw this, but playing as ATC is just about pointless on training server, 90% of the pilots do whatever they want and just spam ATC frequencies