KLAX APPROCH Controller Chaos

So today I have done KSFO to KLAX and everything went well until Appr was giving vectors after a few vectors he led me into a straight into the mountains and by the time I asked for ALT change and by the time I asked it was to late I was beached on the side of a mountain.

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Please contact your controller and discuss the feedback with them. If you need more assistance, contact @moderators

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I tried to find the controller in my replay but my replay is taking for ever to load

Was it the Socal approach? I just had an issue with him as well

Yes it was SoCal approach

Yea I understand but he directed me to a path into a mountain.

There’s 205 inbounds to LAX at the moment, with 40 or so aircraft in the airspace. Be patient, take evasive action to avoid the mountains if you need to, and if you get ghosted, explain. Surely they would reverse it.


Also I did not get reported by the controller so how will I find the controller in the logbook

Please head to the controller’s PM, no need for public utterance, thanks!

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I don’t know who was the controller there because my replay is taking for ever to load. Thats why I asked here so I can PM him.

I already did and I do feel like personal utterance. I’m clearly not the only one

As I stated, just have some patience. Since it was a busy airspace it might take a bit to load.

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Even if what you say is true, you have every right as a pilot to make an emergency climb without clearance if you’re about to crash into a mountain. Respectfully, I feel as though that’s kinda common sense…

But The was my camera angle was shaped is that I couldn’t see I was beached it looked like I was in Midair but I saw the speed

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  1. Check your replay for the controller and PM them.
  2. If you’re unable to find the controller name there, send a PM to mods/appeals and we’ll be happy to get it sorted out.