KLAX Approach TS1

Just finished doing some approach in SoCal about half an hour ago. To my impressed astonishment, most of the pilots followed directions that I gave them.
Just a little shoutout to those who were in SoCal around KLAX a little bit ago. Thanks for following instructions. I’m going to be back there sometime tomorrow so look for my callsign in the approach bar ;)


Glad to see that you had a pleasant experience :)

Doesn’t happen often on Training servers ;)


It’s always a great time when pilots follow instructions, especially on TS1. :)

Ahh, @SkyHighGuys Aren’t you IFATC?

Most people follow approach, but they don’t follow a go around command from the tower…👍

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No I was removed from that. Now I’m a noob controller again

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The areas I’ve seen the most issues are holds, three sixties, and minor altitude problems. Also when I tell them expect vectors for a certain runway and line them up perfectly…they go to the wrong runway

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