KLAX and WMKK tower are too high (around 1000 feet)

I don’t know whether this had mention before but the tower it’s too high…
The point is, the tower in KLAX and WMMM are too high, is it possible to lower it down?
image KLAX
image WMMM

screen shot when it close to tower


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I’ve fly around 1000feet, I’ll get a photo

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We can lower it down, but i think the tower is correct.

Even the tallest are 434ft.

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1000 feet agl?

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Uhhhh… What r u trying to tell?

When i’m home i will check the scenery data;)

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The tower is 277 feet

It looks like 277 meters

really i confused what are you talking about , i dont see any tower

The tower at KLAX has a height of 84 meters (277 feet).


When we got the update with the new ground markings that’s when the tower view was really high.

I think because it could cover the whole airport on KLAX case

The height of the tower is good ;)

As you may have noticed in the game, there are two tower views when you’re controlling. The bottom one is the one airport editors edit. It’s also the realistic one. The top one is the tower view automatically generated by Infinite Flight. This one is the unrealistic one, and is a lot higher than the bottom one.

When you’re flying, you don’t get the bottom, realistic, tower view. You only get the top one. Don’t ask me why - I don’t know why.


Wot is WMMM

Anyways WSSS’ TWR as declared by CAG is 80m high so POV wise you just deduct a few metres and you should get the view you want realistically