KLAX and other airport glitch

Hello! So I was taxiing at KLAX and all of a sudden all the planes disappeared? I was on the training server and all the other planes did this. I restarted my device but it keeps continuing and it is getting very annoying because I can’t even communicate with ATC please help!

Ipad pro 11inch 2nd generation:
IOS 16.1.1:


You can try to lower your graphics setting also clearing all the replays you don’t need. In addition in the IF setting clear the scenery cache. Check if your internet connection is stable also your device storage, if it is full your device is slower.
If this all doesn’t help reinstall the IF app.
Have a good day;)

We all know. The training server haves some issues here and there. The developers are realy hard working on it!

I thought this issue was when you are controlling as ATC in TS

I did that

Any changes?

Unfortunately no

I also did a Wi-Fi speed test I got 3000mbps

Try to fly on the expert server and look if there is the same problem

I am a grade 2

That’s a hell speed hehehe

Look how much GB did IF has taken on your device, mine is about 11 GB, also how much storage you have left

T takes 6 GB and I got 1tb left of storage

Ow okay that’s more than enough, you could try to contact support@infiniteflight.com

Like above said the TS had some issues lately with disappearing aircrafts.

Ok thank you

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