Klax air show for honoring our veterans

Recently my Great Grandpa Sadly Passed away.

He was a usaf Vietnam war fighter pilot and this will be my family’s first Christmas without him.

So I thought that on the day before Christmas Eve day to honor all the veterans that will sadly not be there on Christmas Day to do a air show.

I know this is not on the event page by the way.

Server: Casual server


December 23 2020 from 11:00 am eastern time also called New York time 5:00pm Paris time and 8:00 am las Angeles time

If you what to perform leave a comment
Please specify

The plane you will be flying
Likelihood of you attending 1-10
Performers Name or names
Time zone
a preferred time
And how much time you need no more then 15 minutes

(Please note your time request will not be your time for certain)
(There is only 14 spots 15 minutes at most)

(I will also be performing with a f16)

All virtual air lines and organizations are welcome to attend.

The yellow is where the performers should Spawn

Orange is for If you are not performing and just are going to Watch

Blue is the show Area

Please read

Please keep track of your time when your Time is up
A ac130 will taxi on to the run way and then off. it will not take off. The the next performer will taxi and take off wen your time is up and you leave the show Area

I will update the page as time goes on

Thank you for attending (if you do) if you are to going to perform or Watch thank you for reading

I might make a Discord


Sorry to hear that your relative passed away.

But you said you don’t want people interfering - so I would advise against KLAX - especially the 25 Runways on Casual. I would go to one of the smaller airports (e.g. perhaps KSAN - San Diego)

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I I really don’t care about people interfering what I meant is people how see this and try to mess with it but you have a Point I will take that part down


Fair enough…hope it goes well for you.

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Thank you for bringing that to my attention

Also, don’t forget to put this in #live:events and use the correct title format so people know that it’s an event. Sorry for your loss, bud. I know what it’s like to loose someone close

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You have to be TL2 to post in #live:events. Just keep liking and posting and you’ll get there in no time! Sorry for your loss