KLAX 24R ILS Issue

Hi everybody, I just landed on 24R, KLAX and I must say, it was very hard due to ILS not picking up for a while. I dont think it picked up until I was almost at the runway. I am glad it was lit up but it did throw me off a bit.

I kept looking for it and I should have picked it up about 20 miles out but never did. I was going to do a missed approach and request runway change but decided I was capable of the landing.

Well the ILS really shouldn’t pick up until you hit very close or at cone because this is when you will be able to set APPR and start following the glide slope into towards the runway.

Oh, well what about all of those others which picked up and I was nowhere near most of them.

It’s just the range your in and what it really picks up so I have no idea on that one

Somethings wrong with 24R’s ILS. I should have picked it up but didnt until about a few miles from the airport, I dont remember exactly how close I was to the runway but it was to close that I do know.

Let me try in a few and I’ll get back to you on if i can pick it up

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Ok. Thank you.

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To me, in the picture, it looks like you’re currently lined up for Runway 25R (or even 25L) which would make sense as to why you might not be picking it up…

Usually, you would have to select the airport as your final destination waypoint in your FPL. All the ILS approaches should show up, when doing so, once you’re near the airport.

Can you try doing that and tell me if the issue persists for you?

I did that. The issue was still there. Though I appreciate the lining up advice I have been doing this for a while now, never had this issue and I have hundreds of hundreds of landings. I’ll take off from lax soon but wont be testing the situation just gonna hope it’s a one off thing.

Picked up ILS 24R 18nm out. Doesnt seem to be an issue.


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Cool that shows me that all these answers about not being able to get it until inside the cone are wrong. Wonder why my system was not picking it up.

Oh yes, thats wrong info up there. Before global came out, you could pick up ILS even 50nm out lol. Its now down realistically to 20nm or thereabouts. However, your screenshots seem to suggest that upto 10 ILS in the vicinity are picked up by the aircraft, so it could’ve randomly excluded 24R from the 10. Also try adding KLAX as your waypoint (since you didn’t in the screenshot) and see if you could pick up all the ILS’ at Lax.

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I came in from the North so you couldn’t see my pink line but thank you for info. :)

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