KLAW Update

As I complete my airport: Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport (KLAW), here’s some updates over it. It’s a lot better than where it was. Thank you to @Othman_Asli for giving me more inspiration and @nicopizarro for tips and advice!


looks really good!

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Yes!!! I’m so happy to see some more airports in Oklahoma!

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I’m hoping to do either my home airport (MAF), or Tulsa Riverside (RVS) since I go to Spartan for my Uni after I finish Lawton :).

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Oh, snap that’s awesome! Hopefully, If I get in soon I hope to do KTUL once I’m allowed to do airports that big.


KLAW is up for review. Here’s the recent changes before I sent it to make it more realistic.
I’m thinking about making a tracking thread for my airports but I’ll decide that later.


Another airport served by the ERJ-145 we really need that plane for all these small 3D airports that American serves from DFW

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Looks amazing!

I am generally amazed in the amount of 3D buildings that people are making. With Infinite Flight back in early-mid 2021, they (the devs and airport mods etc…) being able to only build the 3D aspects of the airport, now the community building them. Its great!