KlasJet Bombadier CRJ-200

I hope this beauty is added when the CRJ-200 gets reworked. I’m a sucker for all black jets and this is as sumptuous as they come. Credit to Sergey Krylov for the great catch


I really like this livery! Would definitely be great to have with a CRJ rework. However, please give credit to the owner of this photo. Thanks! :)


I did give credit to the owner…Sergey Krylov


Wow! That is a black plane! I don’t even see the airline name!

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Can you post a link to the photo. Thanks.

I think he means post in the thread, not the comments.

In other news, what a shiny tint on a CRJ!

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That’s a really clean and shiny look on that CRJ. I have always been a small jet type person so a CRJ re-work would be amazing.

I like it alot but there is only one problem. If you are flying in night and someone passes over you with this, you would have 0% chance to see the guy.

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How people call that… ?

Oh ! I know ! Lights

I know but if your out of fuel and your electrics and APU have failed, then your doomed.

And if there is a total blackout and… bla bla bla