KLAS Vegas Spotting | December 27th 2018

Hey! Today I got to go Plane Spotting and found some cool aircraft =)

Southwest 738 W/ Split Scimtars

San Francisco - Las Vegas

JetSuiteX E55P

Las Vegas - Burbank

Southwest 737 W/ Split Scimtars

Reno - Las Vegas

Spirit A321

Las Vegas - Detroit


Janet Parking


Enjoy :)

Which Do You Like the Best?

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I dont think pic 2 is an E135…

But nice pics anyway!

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According to flightaware.com, it is actually an Embraer 300 Phenom or the E55P

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I’ll change it

BTW Guys, I’m Going to McCarran Tower Tomarrow Tonight! I’ll be sure to post as many pics as possible


How did you get that opportunity? The best aviation opportunity I have is that I get to pilot my first aircraft in a couple weeks (super excited)

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My friend has a friend (lol) that works for the tower and they will let me and my family spectate them as they do their work =D

I’m here right now and I wish I can do the samw

I’ve been spotting from town square recently if you know where that is.

Indeed I do, I go to the lazy dog parking lot sometimes :)

Yep. I was watching from the RTC bus stop for 20-30 mins.

Yep, truly an unforgettable experience every time I go to the tower of both my home airports. 😉

Awesome work! Maybe you’ll get a glimpse inside Janet next time. 😂

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They won’t let you even go spotting there 😂 But my dad managed to find a small road that let me see them for about 30 seconds

That’s awesome! Have so much fun! Take pics (if possible) and show us the complexity of the atc at klas


Love Janet!! Wish it was added along with the 737s mild refresh.

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I’ll Be heading there at 9:30PM PST Tonight!

Or in 4hr and 15mn

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