Just completed a flight from Las Vegas to San Diego in a Frontier A320. It is a very fun flight and I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice and short flight. It has some very cool scenery on the way. Here are some pictures:


Nice photos! I flew that route a few months ago! Could you pit this in #screenshots-and-videos, please?

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Yeah, sure!

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Also, thanks for the compliment!

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I like that scenery, will try to fly it soon

For putting it on Screenshots and Videos to will need to hide your HUD view, be sure to share your best photos

Oh, I need to hide my HUD?

Ok, thanks. I will take down this post and reupload it in another category. Thanks for your help!

Yes, unfortunately you do. If you go into replay mode for your fight and use the screenshot button, this won’t happen. Nice photos though!

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Yes, I suggest reading the category rules linked above.

I recommend going to the replay mode and hide all possible tags and click on the camera button for a great screenshot

Ok, all done. Hope you guys like these ones as much as the old ones.

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Gotta love that Frontier livery! It’s amazing! Just like these pictures.


They’re even better! Nice photos!

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That is you grand, great pictures :)

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Thanks everyone!

The VA that I am staff in is hosting a flight from KLAS → KSAN too! All New Website! Spirit Virtual Official Thread, Less Money, More Go

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