KLAS TO KHOU! Klas summer fly out

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This was the summer fly out RyMan hosted!

Time was 11:00 am pacific time

Take off runway 26R

Main decent

10 NM approach

Final approach


This was super fun and I hope we can do it again!


Don’t question why I was bouncing around in the first image…

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Shoutout to whoever put 3D at KHOU… haha, nice pictures guys, looks like a fun flight. :)

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It was a great fly out even though it was small


Yes it was a very fun fly out

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Jesus… talk about a steep descent

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Yeaaaaa I was a bit to high. Lol

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Talk about a Ryanair descent!!! XD

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Quite similar to my descent into LGA irl

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Your a pilot???

Oh nvm like when you where on a flight.