KLAS spotting on my Bday!

Uhh I didn’t track the flight so Idk where they are from lol
Camera: my potato iPhone SE

What’s your favorite?

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Nice shots and happy birthday!

Happy birthday, also nice pictures.

Happy birthday to you

Thank you everyone!

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Nice photos mate HAPPY Bday 🎂. We should go spotting sometime.

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Yes sir! I took these with my potato iPhone lol

Thank you so much

What equipment did you use?

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My potato phone that’s it!

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I sadly don’t have any good cameras

Those pictures are still really good for a phone

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I can’t go to the airport to take pictures of the plane like you. It’s a pity that I have to stay at home because of COVID-19. :(
But l like your picture.

Aw man I hope you feel better!

Yea it really is!

birthday twinnnnnss


Keep this post alive

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i used to spot with a 6s….


Nice photos and belated happy birthday!

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Nice photos!! And happy birthday!

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