KLAS-KDEN Requested Timelapse

This was a Requested Timelapse by @Luke_Sta

If you have any routes that you wold like to see timelapsed, please reply to the topic or PM me @Samivan_911. MAXIMUM 5 HOURS!
When requesting a flight to be timelapsed list the following:

  1. Route (ICAO-ICAO)
  2. Airline/Airplane
  3. Music (Must Be Produced By NoCopyrightSounds

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Hey there, what a fantastic video! I suggest hiding the map during the time lapse of the cruise though, so we can enjoy the views. I personally would love to see a wing view so we could experience being a “passenger”!

questionable landing though 😂


Thanks for the tip. I will make a side view, and hide the hud.

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Interesting tailwind…


I know I landed after Midnight EDT so… I might have been a little tired

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Nice video. Do you know that you can copy paste your waypoints separated par space? Instead that search them one by one

Very cool! But that landing was… something. 😂


I really enjoy time lapses. Do you have to have a lot of space on your device in order to record these?


128 GB Storage @FlyAndCrash

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No. I was going to do a long haul but it had 4 pages of waypoints. Umm…Uh…Ye-NO!

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Great vid, a recommendation is to show the plane a little more, especially on landing. And make sure to butter or grease your landing. But again, great video! 😃👍🏻😄😎