KLAS group flyover! My birthday!


  • Aircraft and Livery: any airline that flies this route

  • Route: KLAS To Orlando international

  • Time of Departure: 2020-08-28T17:00:00Z

  • Server:

People attending
  1. Pilot, airline and gate
    2 .pilot, airline and gate
    3 .pilot, airline and gate
    4 .pilot, airline and gate

5.pilot, airline and gate

If more people attend, more gates will be added.

  • **Additional Information:**sorry that I couldn’t get a graph, it’s my first event.


Las Vegas located in the Mojave desert is one of the most popular city’s in the world. With casinos and night life.

New York or NYC is located in the East coast. It is referred as “THE BIG APPLE”

Hmm sounds fun @Southwest0012. You might want to create an event for this since it’s occurring in 18 day’s. IDK if that time will work for me but I’m sure people will come.

Hi there. Unfortunately it’s 18 days until your group flight starts, however the max time between posting and starting time is 3 hours.

As a result of the above, please don’t be surprised if this is closed. If you are looking for people to fly with you on your special day, feel free create an event in #live:events. Thanks for your understanding and happy early birthday!

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Group flights have to happen within three hours of posting.

Orlando International’s ICAO code is KMCO.

There isn’t a server listed.

The drop down menu is… weird. Here’s a solution:

| Gate | Route | Aircraft | Pilot |

Looks like this:

Gate Route Aircraft Pilot

Also, what does NYC have to do with this? Orlando International is located in Florida.

Sorry if I’m coming off as rude, text doesn’t convey mood well, I’m just… confused to say the least.

Also happy early birthday :)

Ok, I’ll delete it. But could you tell me how to put a graph on an event?

I will send you a PM and we can go from there. Thanks!

Everyone else has already told him that, and he said he’d delete it. No need to keep bashing him for it and repeating everyone else’s comments.


Will be handled via PM. Thanks everyone! 😊