KLAL Tower - Sun and Fun Topic #3

You thought I forgot! No no, I wouldn’t dare.

Anyways, I had the opportunity to take some photos up in KLAL Tower. It was kinda dark so I’m sorry but enjoy!

Outside View

Nice View from up here!

Radar and Computer Displays

Coast Guard Heli and WWII Plane! Also a nice taildragger!

Sorry that these photos aren’t the best quality. They were taken with an iPhone 6. Thanks!

  • Will

I thought you had misspelled KLAX tower. Airport look beautiful, grass is perfect 10/10 mowed in my SoCal option. Mobile phones keep getting better picture quality so don’t worry about the quality of picture on your iPhone 6. How did you get up into the tower?


Wow that cracked tarmac. Does that happen over time? (Last two photos)

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Nice photos! How did you get up there in the first place?

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@Aussie_Cockatoo @Deaf
It’s for a camp. If you check out the first topic I made you can see I briefly described it:)


Just read your camp topic. I wish I went to an aviation camp.

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Wow those are great tower pics! Did the people in the tower have any objections to you taking pictures?

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I sure hope not! They didn’t comment.

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