KLAL Air Show this weekend

First of all if this topic needs to be moved please do so… if anybody is interested there is a radio show called Cigar Dave whose host is highlighting the Lakeland Linder Florida Regional Sun and Fun International Fly In & Air Show at KLAL this weekend… you can catch the replay on the net or his website in a podcast after it is posted… He has been a civilian pilot for many years himself and interviewed several other pilots including ones who fly C17’s and Hurricane Hunters for NOAA among others and several other pilot organization officers…many interesting aviation related topics were discussed…including the C17 pilot referencing that IRL…that giant military jet can be landed on as little as a 3500 by 90 ft rwy…which is astounding due to size and weight…some of you might like to practice it in IF…anyway the show is two hours and all about the love of aviation…and packed with plenty of information too detailed to mention here…so catch the replay …it is certainly worth at least one uninterrupted listen…IMHO…for any dedicated IF member…


This is very cool! However I’ve moved it to #real-world-aviation.

Really nice! I’ll be watching.

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