KJYO 100 dollar hamburger trip

My Friend and I rented a Beechcraft Musketeer and flew over to Frederick, Maryland for a hamburger and pattern work. It was an awesome trip. I’ll upload videos once they process on YouTube, but for now, here’s the photos.

Landing video https://youtu.be/ws9U3KpjnPM


Well, how good was the hamburger xD


Amazing! Cost me 7 bucks for the actual burger and it was like super high quality. Would highly​ recommend the restaurant at Fredrick airport


7 bucks? What was in it? Lol


I mean it was like a decent quarter pounder AFTER being cooked, plus bacon and cheese. Nice bun too

Okay bacon I can see that. Sounds like a really yummy burger. Now I’m hungry…

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Hahaha. Truly a fun day. Also, the Musketeer kinda rounded it off. It’s not just another Cessna. It’s got character, and it’s like 80 bucks an hour for rent with the same performance as a 172. Better visibility and leg room as well

Where you takeoff from?

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KJYO or Leesburg Excuative airport

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Cool video! I’m also in MD

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Nice landing. Loved flying to Fredrick from Annapolis .

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Loved the landing, that burger must have been great!

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The restaurant at Fredrick is really nice. We met this sterotypical airport bum who kept talking about the good old days. He seemed really impressed with the Musketeer, and kept telling his buddy’s story’s about when he was training in a Musketeer and how much he loved it. It felt like a movie lol

Now that isn’t healthy to eat! Nice pics by the way.

Americans, with their bacon and fat…Amirite?

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Sorry for being off-topic. But any meat other than Lamb or chicken causes cancer. Americans don’t care about their health and lifestyle.

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I mean, it’s chicken, how bad can it be?

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You are insulting me to my face…wow. Lol at least you do it bluntly. I just said bacon was good. If you don’t like bacon I’m kind of going to question what’s going on.
@A330fan if you have proof on what you said please share it, because I highly highly doubt it.


After I read this thread I got really hungry. I’m going out to buy some food now. 😂

I’d like to see scientific sources for that claim.