KJFK winds

Anyone else experiencing the wacky wind at KJFK? Its changing speed a lot. Good for challenging touch and goes.


Isn’t there a hurricane going on?

This is from windy.com

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The latest METAR for JFK is 32014G27KT, so yeah… it’s a bit gusty there right now.


I’m scheduled to land at JFK at around 1230z. This should make for an interesting end to my flight.


Don’t end up landing on the taxiway and rack up overspeed violations! Jk.


No. There hasn’t been a hurricane in New York for a long time.


Inbound to JFK from TXKF, 123 kts headwind 😩
Latest METAR for JFK is 310@13kt. No fun…

This is a nice article how to perform perfect crosswind landings:


Its windy up here, KEWR has bad winds too.

It’s quite windy here right now, so yeah…

I’m an hour out of JFK on Expert. SA203 heavy. Looking forward to landing at JFK again in tough conditions.

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I’m currently getting a 137kt headwind on decent into JFK off the coast. This should be good.

Last METAR 300@20G28
Go for the 22s if you want a challenge

I feel bad for you guys, I have tailwind inbound to Minneapolis

I’m going to play it say and take 31. 15hrs in the air to crash aint cool lol

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Yea, it sucks here now. Dont forget the 40 F temp 😵

It’s possible that these winds are coming from the northwest, as CYYZ had 25kt winds yesterday, I may be wrong though

They are, I’m getting tailwind, but it’s only 19kts, and I just passed CYYC

We have a severe cold front coming through the area and it’s gusting up to 40 mph. Has been for a few days.

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