KJFK V42: Work in progress!

Hello fellow “developer” friends: Here it is:

(slapstick sound)
And yes I’ve given my reworked and beloved KJFK update a fancy name. But here’s my current point of progress: Everything inklusive Gates, spawn points, buildings, taxiways, roads and every little hangar of every possible airline should be completed now: I had to look up to whom the hangar belonged, since it wasn’t written in google maps or earth, by reading the title printed on the hangar in 3D view of google earth:

Asiana Cargo, here the equivalent place in WED:

I’m working on the last details to make the airport perfect, however, one of those little details are those annoying lines:

I’ve placed more than 1000 already and I’m not even near half finished, but since it’s one of my most favorite airports and the first one I ever flew to (Zurich-New York as a month old child with the old grounded swiss airline Swissair) I like doing it and pushing the quality to the limit.
Here some more preview screenshots:

Cargo Area

Terminal 1, 2 and 4 (note the empty field where the former PanAm terminal used to be)

Top Right Runway crossing of Runway 22L and 31R

The clean Terminal 8 (I now know every single gate KJFK has :P )

Hope you enjoyed and I really hope to see your airports soon too, post them here below!
Thank you


Currently working on KTEB, which is almost done.

Great job on KJFK at least 😉


You work on the airport design team of IF?


Me? Yes
@Nick_Art, yes.


I see my planespotting location


Since when are YOU here? Haven’t seen you in this category before, welcome I guess :P
Same with @Rotate

Yeah I wondered about that too lol

I just realized the category isn’t secret anymore. I forgot about that.


@Nick_Art… Nick you are now a “Master of your faith”. You’ve gown up before my eyes. Nick the Best, RIP! I’m impressed. “Do good Work”. Warm Regards, Max Sends


Good job, but erase the blast pad arrows

Click on the runway and pull the arrow (the one which goes away from the runway) near the start (there are 2 ones) Pull it till you get the desired stopway length. Remove the taxiway and the lines. Philippe will make it to render somehow later…

Disable Show Vertices in the View bar ;) for a better picture
Great work @Nick_Art !

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@Boeing707, where is that?

I know Dush, if you look closely, you can see the blastpads are actually added already ;) I just drew a taxiway since the runway border was too short.
But thx

This looks nice! There are a few issues we’d need to address before approving it though.

That’s an awful lot of lines… we’re going to have to cut that down otherwise it will take a significant toll on performance. For now, it’s best to hide these lines so they don’t get exported.
I know you want perfection, but for a massive airport like this we don’t want more lines than the sim can manage.

Blastpad arrows, as @Swang007 - these need to go, mentioned it countless times that we can’t accept airports with these. The jetbridges will have to go too, we can no longer accept them :)


All of you airport team put in so many hours to make this sim better. But sadly the technology is not there yet. We have to wait for the days to come. For now we have to take performance over visual.

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I know and I will eventually delete them, no worries. Also about the jetways, unless it is urgently needed for the next update I do have a version ready without them ;)

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Philppe told not to use taxiways for blastpads/stopways

The border is on the SIDE of the runway. NOT where the blastpad is ;)

By Asiana Cargo


This airport will be available to all of you with the next update, whenever that might be :P

I hope you like it!