KJFK-UUEE // Boeing B777-300ER // Aeroflot || UUEE-EDDF // Boeing 747-8i // Air Bridge Cargo

Hi everyone, today I achieved my fifth great topic on the IFC, this really means a lot to me, Thank you soo much guys! let’s get to the tagging of people!

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So lets get to the screenshots for todays flights!

So for todays flight we have KJFK-UUEE in the B77W Aeroflot with @jaypzs!

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 8 hours
 Plane: Boeing B777-300ER (Aeroflot 

@Andy_R (A-NR1) at the terminal!

A-NR1 blasting out of JFK! while @jaypzs (Philippines 225) at the terminal!

A-NR1 blasting out of JFK!!

Window view touchdown at SVO!

At the terminal with Philippines 225!

So for the second flight of the day we have UUEE-EDDF in the B747-8i Air Bridge Cargo with @henryd!

At the terminal with @henryd (HENRYD)

A-NR1 blasting out of SVO, while HENRYD is holding short!

A-NR1 taxiing to parking with a Boeing 747-8 at the ramp!

Tailshots at the ramp!

I want to thank @jaypzs and @henryd for the amazing flight!

I also want to thank @LesterXavier and @Grizpac for the amazing service at UUEE, and I also want to thank the EDDF team for the amazing service @Flo_Rauslg, @Davide_Av, @Neto_Campelo , and @Shane !

That’s all for today folks! Let me know which was your favorite, what I can improve on or what you’d like to see me do next.

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Mhhhh smexy 🤤


Thank you soo much @CPT_Colorado!

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Fancy photos, awesome job Andy!

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I dont like flying the 747-8 (Because physics) but great photos

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Omg, the Aeroflot’s pics 😍 , you did a great job!


Congrats! And great photos! So is this an upcoming event or did this already happen?

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These are rly great!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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No offense but can you not tag like 826363836363 people in ur posts

Not saying I don’t like your posts, it can just be annoying.



Great photos! Saw you arriving into UUEE the same time as me, you got lucky with approach and managed to sneak in and skip the long snake! What do you edit with?

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Awesome photos as always, GW😄

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Thanks for flying, good session today at Frankfurt!

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You guys always post the best pics, perfect colors. Keep up the good work!

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Hi Andy! I always enjoy the screenshots you post, but please don’t tag me, I promise I’ll still like your posts, haha!

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Nice photos, good job @Andy_R.

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Amazing Picks!
Aeroflot, the best Russian airline


"Sad S7 and Rossiya noises"


Wow, those shots especially the Aeroflot ones 🤏(milk and honey) you done a good job


Ho ho ho B747 at its finest!! So 5exy… 🤩

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you have talent for photos ,this one is perfect, good job !!!