If you don’t want your lifespan reduced by 10 years then I raccomand you not to atc jfk tower. 1 hour of that and for some reason I feel so tired

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can’t even imagine what klax atc has to go throught

That’s what sometimes happens on the Training Server, as pilots are still ‘Training’ and learning.

Keep up the work at ATC and once you meet the requirements, you would be able to apply for IFATC which is ATC for the Expert Server.

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trying to get to 500 op. 443 rn, one day… in ifatc i won’t have to witness an a380 kamikaze on a closed runway anymore…

just wanted to share how awful 1 hour of jfk fells like, that’s because it’s in live

If you don’t like how “awful” being ran ATC, maybe don’t do IFATC?..

jfk training servers tower is awful

Again, this topic isn’t necessary. If you don’t like it, just don’t do it. Please don’t start an IFC thread to complain.

We’ve all been there @OtoeTiger88, keep watching the tutorials so you’re not stuck there forever. ;)


Better be IFATC and meet Experts while controlling on Expert Server . Training Server is a server which we use to practice or for learning/training. 😉