Kjfk to egll route help

Can anyone tell me the aprox time from Kjfk to egll with a flight plan…It would be appreciated so much…thx happy flying This would help me in a massive way… I just can’t find it anywhere the netit would be great if the gates are also mentioned thx

Hi. I believe it is about 8-9 hours (dependant on winds of course!)

Also, for future reference, the #support category isn’t for this. It is for issues with the actual app itself.

You can use many websites such as flight aware or simbrief to calculate this.



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Please refrain from posting in #support unless you have a legit support issue such as app crashes, I moved it for you 🙂. To answer your question JFK-LHR is around 6 hours if you fly in the correct tailwind so I suggest looking at windy.com , you can also check flightaware.com to see flight time.

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Simbrief.com will probably tell you more with time and waypoints provided

Here’s your rout distance and all important stuff.

It’s from Onlineflightplanner.org


Use these websites to your use



Airplane manager gives you time perfectly. Divide distance by 500 to get rough time, Margin of error depends on winds, usually ± 1.5 hours

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Not even close! You could do 6 hours if you’re quick, 6:30-7 if you’re a bit slower.

I use VirtualHub. Did a flight yesterday from KJFK to EGLL in a FedEx 777. Took 6hrs 15mins. Had very strong tail winds though (120-140kts). Happy flying


Try this: Introduction to SimBrief

I use this for all of my long-haul flights, it makes it so much easier!