I was flying into JFK last night onto 4R the flight was entirely normal until I turned on the ILS when I entered the cone it said I was two low but was highly improbable as I was at 3000 ft and descending at -700 which normally starts under the ILS. I descended to lower and it still said I was two high of the ILS at 1000ft still outside of the second blue right so I disregarded the ILS. Has this happened on other runways as I think maybe that the ILS could be accidentally upside down or maybe a temporary glitch.

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what was your airspeed when u tuned in, and were u using appr?

I didn’t turn on APPR i hand fly the approaches unless absolutely blind by fog. But airspeed was roughly 180 where i normally have it tuning in from as far as i can so i can set up better.

When I flew to Mia later that same night same altitude as the airports have similar heights it was normal and came from the top we met in the middle and i descended to the runway. If this also helps I was flying an American A320 into JFK and a B767 into MIA

yea, even i have faced such problem only for certain ILS approaches. Almost as if the airport elevation is wrong.

Have you maybe set the ILS to another runway? Sometimes it’s pretty logical to use PAPI lights if you are having trouble.

I did set the ILS properly and even if i used the neighbor runway 4L it would be loosely accurate until around the first ring elevation wise. I have experienced that switching runways in ATL and DFW

when i was about to touch down on the runway it went fro too high straight to too low or from the bottom of my screen to the top as if the ILS was upside down but that is what I experienced. It’s impossible to be too low while past the papi lights.

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