KJFK runways/taxiways not loading

Device: IPad Pro 12.9 256GB
4/6GB of ram (Apple A12X Bionic)

Just came in to land at KJFK, was on short final and the runway still hasn’t loaded. Landed on the “dirt” and the taxiways were loading either. I have all my settings set to high, except the airplane count. Which is set to medium. The surrounding traffic on the ground and in the air was medium. (Around 10 planes in the immediate airspace and 15 on the ground at the time.) Even though my device can easily run at 60fps I keep it at 30. I regularly reset the scenery cache. I was pretty disappointed because I made the flight from SCEL-KJFK and was hoping to make the return trip in the same server after I’d landed. I had to end the flight prematurely due to my inability to properly follow the taxiways.

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This is often a result of corrupted scenery being stored in the scenery cache or being loaded into the game. Is this issue resolved after clearing the cache and reloading into JFK?

All was well after I reloaded in. I was just wondering what might of caused it, or if I should turn my graphics down. Thank you!


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