KJFK progress


Here are some pictures of my progress with KJFK! Hope you like it!

I have done the airport from scratch again, since the current version in IF is highly outdated.

I can’t wait to fly with the jetblue A320/21 at the Jet blue Terminal 5!

Thoughts, inputs and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!


Absolutely smashing job Nick!


Looks amazing!


Thank you! How’s KLAx coming along @Swang007?


Eh it’s been picking up a little but I know I have a few more months so it’s all good


Cool. Does KLAX also have this annoying little yellow lines at the edge of the taxiways?
I’ve started drawing those every single one per hand… It’s quite nervestaking!


I actually updated KFCS with that yesterday. KLAX has them too but they’re close to last on the list of things that need to be done, but it does add a lot of detail ;)


I mean these annoying little fuc… “things”


Yeah those lines that are a foot or two long each and extend from each side of the taxiway every few feet right?


Yeah, I think they are some meters long and the spacing between them is up to 10 meters sometimes


Distance is relative when you view it from above lol


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WOW!! Niceness…outstanding Nick…loving this one also…