KJFK-PHNL Delta 777-200LR

A flight from New York KJFK to Honolulu PHNL.

Plane: 777-200LR
Airline: Delta
Cruising Altitude: FL350
Cruising Speed: Mach 0,86
Server: Expert
Grade: 4
Flighttime: 9 Hours 43 Minutes

Loading up at KJFK

Climbing out of KJFK to Cruising Altitude FL350

9 Hours and 30 Minutes later; on approach into sunny Honolulu

A not so butter landing, but good enough to walk away from

Off-loading a lot of people on vacation in sunny Hawaii

Thanks for looking!


Nice pictures Beautiful πŸ’™πŸ›©

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Nice flight dude! Those pictures are amazing! Really wish I could be on that flight to Hawaii!

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Thanks! Appreciate it

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Thanks! Yes I wish I was too, although it is very far away for me lol.

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Nice pics.

Thanks very much!

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Nice shots! Too bad delta got rid of there 777s it’s really sad, but nice flight!


Yeah, it’s a shame. I like it more than the A330 (not-900).

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