KJFK - OMDB (my first super long haul!)

As I said in my last post, I recently did a flight from New York to Dubai in an A380, my first super long haul! Enjoy the photos! Also, wouldn’t an A380 rework be awesome?!

Taxing to runway 13R (Sorry for the dark image)

Holding short 13R


Climbing to FL330 (also sorry for the dark image 😳)

Crossing the Atlantic!

The Dubai desert is just beautiful!

Emirates 375 is on final, runway 30L

After a long flight, we’re finally in Dubai!

Which photo was your favorite? Let me know!


These photos are so beautiful except every time I see a screenshot of the A380 it just reminds me how much it needs a rework


Yes! It needs a rework for those extra long hauls!

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I personally love the last photo, I can’t put my finger on it but I do like it!

However, you still have to wait about 8 hours before you can post in #screenshots-and-videos per category rules.

No more than one topic per day, this applies as a 24-hour time period. So once your other topic hits 1 day, you can then post in #screenshots-and-videos.

Just keep this in mind for the next time when posting!

Other than that, great photos!

Oh, I didn’t know that… I’ll be more careful next time though.

I saw you fly close to Doha🇶🇦 as I was going to Nairobi 🇰🇪

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