KJFK - nice parallel landing

Approaching KJFK yesterday in a Delta A330, coming from Detroit, I realized another pilot in the very same aircraft was inbound as well and expected to land at roughly the same time. ATC gave us a runway each and we touched down almost at the same second… was on expert and the other pilot code was DAL2768…
I hope you’ll enjoy the pics!



Very lucky situation!

I’ve only had one parallel landing in Infinite Flight.
It’s always a cool sight! :)

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I only seen one and that was at KLAX in Casual Server

oh god, must have not been fun

No actually nobody was on the runway at the time so it was epic!

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i cant believe that KLAX was actually empty!

Well, not that empty. There were people at gates and on taxiways but no one was on the runway.

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I have never had a true parallel landing because I had to go around due to someone being on the runway during a friday night flight.

I had a parallel landing at EGLL, the two runway approaches are close together so you can even see the airline on the plane

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Really cool

I’m guessing you meant one crash? @Vidal99977