KJFK-KATL in JetBlue ERJ190

Good afternoon everyone! A few days ago, I did a flight from JFK to Atlanta, in the Blueprint 190. I finally found the time to edit the photos, so I hope everyone enjoys them!

Prepping for flight and loading passengers on board

Pushback and engine spool up

Holding short at the runway for another flight to land, took the opportunity to do one last check of the flight deck before takeoff!

Beautiful shot of JFK on the takeoff roll

Caught an awesome shot of the Hudson and the Tappan Zee bridge while climbing.

My flight plan took me right over Dulles

Beautiful sunset while on final approach

Flare and touch-down

Taxiing to the gate

Parked and engine shut-off

I hope everyone enjoys the pics! I’m hoping to share pics from my flights more often this year!


Did I hear something that relates to Virginia??!?!
Btw, you were at a low climb, even if you were descending IAD is really far from ATL.

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I just checked the flight recorder log, and I was at 35,000 as I passed IAD. I zoomed in a bit to get the pic.

As much as I A: love fellow JetBlue geeks and B: love people who fly out of JFK
One thing that makes me just absolutely cringe is the fact that nobody does a realistic takeoff out of JFK anyways great pics


Thanks for the votes and comments everyone! Keep an eye out in a day or two for photos from my next flight! I’ll be flying through Europe and Africa.

Fr, same with the Canarsie approach 💀

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Tappenzee/ Mario Qumo bridge

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Thanks for the note, I just made that adjustment!

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